Hi my name is Adrian with my mate Johnsie, we have put this site together for people out there looking for free information on fishing and boat maintance. This site is onĀ  general maintanceĀ  and tips on fishing and even a great fishing holiday if you are interested. This holiday was money well spent, and we are going for a second time.

Together with my fishing partners Ash, Johnsie and can’t forget my wife Sue there is over over 150 years of experience, I hope if you visit you take some knowledge through our article with you.

I hope that you enjoy photos and video and article that we have we put together for this site, It can become quite fustrating when things go wrong with your boat or trailer, so when we come across something worth while we will write about it to share with all.

Finally you can contact us through contact page at the top of this page.


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