Beach worms

Beach worms

The worms

They are long and thin and can exceed 2.5 metres in length, the body is as 100’s segments with muscular bodies with small tentacles running down both sides of the body a white head surrounded with small tentacles and they will bite. They are found along the east and south coasts of Australia, they feed on pipis, a variety of seaweed,decaying meat and dead birds, the legal limit is 20 per person or part in total.


How to find beach worms

Along the sandy beaches of the east and south coast, they are found on low tide within the tide lines pick days which the the sea is not rough and next to no wind.


Stocking with about 8 pilchard inside or an onion bag with old fish frame, also have what the called a finger bait which can be a pipi or a bit of a pilchard, also is handy to have belt bait box which you can purchase from any fishing tackle store. As the water comes and starts to go back in run your bait from side to side, if there is any beach worms in that area they will stick there heads out looking for the bait you will see water form a v shape form were the worm is

Catching the worms

For beginners this can be a very hard task, as they are very quick if you touch the or drop water on their heads they will disappear, you can purchase worm pliers from a tackle store or use your fingers. First locate the worms by running your bait from side to side as the water is running out, when you have located the worm place your finger bait in front of the worm, the worm will stick his head up and curve their head over the bait and latch on, with 2 fingers insert them into the sand as close as you can with a finger each side of the worm and grab and pull the worm out of the sand


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