Hi to all our cyber fishing friends and other curious onlookers alike, we are slowly but surely evolving this into a resource that we hope all will enjoy.

First of all let me introduce myself as Johnsie, its kinda funny in our Ozzie culture we tend to take a run of the mill every day Ozzie bloke and add ”IE”, “Y” or even an “O” to the end of his surname and ‘wallah’ we have an all round “ocker” n probable larrakin in the making.

So what is this larrakin and his good mate gunna get up to in the coming months and years, stick around, we hope to be putting together some high quality  videos and writing some up to date straight up pieces on a wide variety of fishing topics, techniques and other things associated with wetting a line.

In addition we hope to introduce you to some local spots and tips that we hope will to turn even the average fisho into a budding pro, all we ask in return is that you fish responsibly and only keep what you are going to eat in a single meal.

We hope to cover some land based local Sydney spots as well as a few boat marks and river reading techniques that you can try for yourself that will help you to locate fish no matter what part of the country you fish in.

We are also currently working on a range of lures that we will introduce to you as the season progresses along with instructional videos that will prove these lures are not only good for catching your eye but will actually catch fish and as an added bonus that we can supply to you at a very reasonable rate- as someone once said…. watch this space!

Its always nice to keep a couple of extra fish for few other people and sometimes this is a nice gesture but if we all did this every time we went fishing then our fish stocks probably wouldn’t be what they are today, so please be responsible and limit your catch instead of killing the bag limit.

Thankfully we live in an age where nearly every mobile phone has its own camera and its so easy to get a photo of that trophy size fish. Personally I can’t describe the satisfaction of releasing a fish knowing its probably a major breeder that will contribute to next seasons spawn.

Hopefully this small “snip it” of things to come is like the chunks of tuna in the burlie trail that help to get you interested enough to hang around for the main meal.

Cheers Johnsie….

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