Blue groper




Blue groper

Blue groper are a heavy scaled thick bodied fish with peg like teeth, they have thick lips and large tails which allows them to put up a great fight when hooked. All Blue gropers start their lives as females as they mature they go through a stage where the either become male or a female.

If the dominate Blue groper male is taken the largest female will change into a male. it is amazing how a fish can give birth one year as a female then be the male the next year. The eastern blue groper is found from Victoria up into Queensland as juvenile their colourings are green brown to brown, a adult females are brown to reddish brown and scales may have darker spots.

The Blue groper male is colbolt blue to navy blue and have orange or yellow spots or lines around their eyes. The eastern blue groper live on reefs and broken reefs up to 40 metres deep and grow over a metre long and weigh over 20 kg. Legal bag limit are 30cm only 1 over 60cm 2 in total by line only.

When rock fishing where there is good visabilty in the water you can see blue groperĀ  in the berlie trail, but they will loose interest reel quick. But be prepared to hang on if you hook up and given a chance they will certainlyfind the weak spots in your fishing gear and bust you up.

To me once you have caught and eaten one now when we hook up on a blue groper it is strictly catch and release. For more images on blue groper go to

or the NSW Department of primary industries,d.dGI&cad=rja




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