Disc brakes and saltwater

Disc brakes and saltwater

Disc brakes and saltwater are not a good mix for years I have tried not to sink my trailer in the water past the bottom of the tyres but a lot of occasion this was not happening pending on the ramp you are launching your boat from it just was not possible.

Either the tide is at a low or their is not enough drop off on the ramp or there is a lot of surge from the sea which covers your trailer and also washes up on your vehicle. Some boat owners have no choice to sink their trailer and even put their cars in the water due to the size of their boats or people find it easier to sink their trailer as it is easier to launch or place your boat back on the trailer and not thinking about the damage is caused dumping your disc brakes in saltwater.

Disic brakes and salt water

Salt water damage











People buy a boat for say $10,000 as example go out fishing or what they enjoy doing on the water come home spend lots of time over a few beers maintaining and cleaning their boat ready for next time but they forget about their car which be worth $30 or $40 grand. I was on of them people for years I keep the maintenance and the cleaning of my boat and though I did not forget about my car.

I purchased a Gerni to make easy to clean my boat and trailer and giving my car a quick rinse off. I went down to the south coast with my wife for a holiday i was sitting near my 4WD  having a couple of beers and looked through the opening in the mag wheels and noticed that my discs on my car were scored and rusted.

Ii was quite upset with this as I had my front brakes replaced and the rears checked and they were at 75% 17,000 km ago and I believed that there the pads were metal to metal causing this damage. I took my car back to the mechanic and it was not metal to metal i still had at least 75% left on the rear pads. $.440 later i had to have my rear disc replaced on my car due not washing down my car properly especially the brakes, this damage was caused by a built up salt and sand.

Disic brakes and salt water

Salt water damage











Tips on how to reduce the damage disc brakes and saltwater

  • Take time after every boating trip pat attention to your vehicle
  • Wash with fresh water all underneath your car
  • place hose with a good spray of water in the holes of your rims and leave to soak for a couple of minutes each wheel
  • On occasion remove wheel and give a brakes a good wash down
  • Though you are not going to be able to stop the damage the unless you keep you car out of the water, this will slow the process down


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