Fishing for flathead


Fishing for flathead

There are numerous species of Flathead such as Common sand, bartail, dusky and tiger to name a few. They are found in estuary and coastal waters all around Australia. They are bottom dwelling fish that bury themselves sand and weed and mud abling them to become almost invisible.

They launching themselves out of these areas to attack their prey. The legal size for common sand, bartail, dusky and tiger is 33cm with a bag limit of 20 per person. The legal size for a dusky is 36cm and only 1 over 70cm bag limit of 10 per person.

A days fishing at mossy point NSW

Where to fish, thier feeding habits and baits and rigs to use

when fishing for flathead they are caught from headland, Jetties, beaches, from the shorelines and out to sea. Dusky Flathead are found estuaries in and around weeded areas in the shallows and in deep water on sandy bottom and mudflats and in hollow and guttered areas. Common sand, tiger and bartail Flathead are found where reef meets sand, sandy bottom in various depths of water.

Flathead eat just about anything they can get their big mouth around such as small fish, small cabs, prawns, squid and even small flathead. fishing for flathead they will eat ust about anything squid,pilchards,prawns, they even eat flathead

Fishing for flathead in estuaries i use 2-4lb fins braid with light mono trace, fishing for flathead out to sea i use 20lb fins braid with 30lb mono trace. When fishing for flathead in estuaries i use a size 1 running ball sinker to the main line with a swivel and mono trace with a single hook with a mustard size 1 circled hook, out to sea i use anywhere from a size 1/0 to 6/o mustard circled hook with a Patonoska rig.

How to fillet & skin a Flathead

I have seen so many people clean Flathead this a quick video in what i do when cleaning a Flathead

After you have fillet & skinned you flathead place in freezer for about an hour so the the flesh is firm.

Y- Boning a Flathead fillet

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