Beach fishing

Beach fishing Baits

The day before I go beach fishing look for the low tide the perfect time is when low tide is about .4 metres with no wind. I head to the beach to catch beach worms, this can be very hard if you don’t know what you are doing. But soon as you get the hang of it you will be pulling them out of the sand like a real trooper.

You also can go to you some tackle shops to buy live worms such as beach,blood and tube worms on the Cenral coast they are about $2 a worm

Where to fish

 When beach fishing upon entering I look for the high ground so I have a full viewe of the beach. With this good view point allowing to look for gutters & plenty of white wash in most cases fish are feeding in these areas in the early morning & late afternoons. I like to fish the 2 hours of the run up tide and the same on the out going tide.

Rod,reel,line & rig  I like to use when beach fishing

My beach fishing rod is a 12 foot blackfish rod with a 4500 reel and 6lb mono with 10lb trace. I have a running sinker on the main line, the sinker as light as possible pending on the condition of the sea.

With my trace I attach a size 6 whiting hook or a fine worm hook, the only thing with a fine worm hook is you have to be careful pulling in  salmon as they tend to straighten.

Target fish

My target fish are whiting,bream and black fish. But if you hook up on a salmon the are great fight.Salmon are great for smoking you ne3ed to bleed the fish straight away, but it is not for eveybody some like it some don’t.

Saltwater and freshwater size bag limits see links below


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