There a two basic methods/preferences, call them what you will for fishing, shore based angling and boat angling. Both have their place and both give an angler access to their target species and either option has its merits given a certain location or species targeted.

Someone once said that owning a boat was an acronym for “Bring Over Another Thousand”, dollars that is. I tend to agree with them if you don’t choose your fishing platform very carefully from the beginning considering carefully the style of fishing you intend to use it for.  In fact if I had my way I would probably own a few different boats because its very hard to get a one size fits all when it comes to methodically and purposely targeting certain species.

I guess if had my way I would have a flats boat, used for drifting flys in shallow water, then I would have my high sided work horse for getting out wide of the estuary mouth and hunting the blue water. I would also have to have a robust light weight tinnie for kicking through the mangroves and of course there would be the model I would use for seeking out those fresh water species that are so highly valued as well.

Whilst any vessel that floats can be utilised for fishing this dosen’t make it a fishing platform and is no closer to a fully fledged fishing rig than is a HR Holden is no closer to race car than is a Mini Moke is. But both will get you around the race track but neither will win you a trophy come race day.

I’m not overly old but I can remember when the Sydney ‘International’ Boat Show as its now called held at Darling Harbour was simply, The Sydney Boat Show which was housed at the old Sydney show ground.

I also remember when manufacturers opted their hulls as fishing rigs by the way of some additional rod holders and a catchy name with some flash graphics. I’m not saying they weren’t excellent hulls or well manufactured but they did lack a lot of today’s refinements that we now take for granted as standard features.

I have been fortunate enough to own a number of boats in my time and have custom fitted most of these myself for my particular purpose at the time, everything from uprated transoms to full floors, casting decks, livewells through to full electrical fit outs.

This is my latest builds which I am going to use for the basis of covering many articles here on this site once its completed.

Before we get our teeth into this build I wish to thank my wife for her blessing on approving the funds necessary to complete this project, thanks Mish…

(The Mish N sitting in the welding bay where she was birthed.)

FOR THE FULL STORY SEE THE MISH N PAGE, (click on the MISH N tab above)


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