Outboard motor covers

Outboard motor covers

After purchasing my boat some years ago I started to realise how easy chips and scratches could appear on my outboard motor, so I decided to look at other boats and their motors and noted the damage that had occurred to their outboards over time by not having a outboard motor covers over them which is in turn reduced the boats appearance and resale value.

Outboard are certainly a very expensive item , I own a Yamaha 60 4 stroke with a replacement value of around $10,600 so I decided I needed the best protection for my investment and would not know how much it would cost to replace the cowling cover and the leg covers. Whist looking at purchasing a cover for my motor I found there were a lot of cheep and nasty outboard motor covers out there on the market and some more expensive brands that just did not cut it either!

I finally came across a cover that really impressed me  from Outboard Cover Australia they are based in Western Australia, I found that they had a wide range of colours and designs for every outboard on the market. http://www.outboardcovers.com.au/


Their designs

Just some of the reasons why I purchased a splash cover from Outboard Cover Australia: they stock a wide selection of great colours, you can get manufacturers logos printed on them or simply uploaded a picture from your computer and they will print it on or you can even choose any name that you want to be printed on your cover and they can do that as well! http://www.outboardcovers.com.au/


I found their service to be second to none, I wanted the name of my wife’s mother that had past away some time ago as a surprise to her printed on the cover.  The hardest part was picking what text to use, so I telephoned the company and explained to the female staff member that answered the phone what I wanted to do and the reason why and what it would mean to my wife and continued to explain to the staff member that I didn’t know which text to use. I could not believe the time and understanding of concern shown to me. This lady even took the time to go through the numerous different text styles that could be used for the covers appearance and in the end I simply asked her to choose the text for the best appearance as I couldn’t decide. I received the cover within 5  business days which I thought was unbelievable considering it was custom made and shipped to my door. On opening the package I was so impressed with the colour combination and the appearance of the cover after placing it on the outboard I rang the company and thanked them for the service that they provided to me  what a GREAT AUSSIE COMPANY, well done guys!

The quality of these outboard covers

I have had my cover for over 4 years and it is still like brand new.

I found it to be a very tight fitting.

Fabric is very breathable as the motor does not sweat.

It has not scratched or wore away the paint on cowling.

It has not faded or lost any colour.

Very easy to clean has not stained in anyway

Has not stretched or deformed in anyway.

Exhaust vents and engine has never over heated.

Protects cowling from sinkers and lure damage.

Adding value to my boat from the protection that it provides- No 1..

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