Outboard propeller

selecting the best propeller to match your outboard can be a challenge and very fraustrating for alot of people, looking on the net and talking to people from boat shops and some outboard propeller companys that give you all differnt sorts of information which is the best outboard propeller to give the maxium power out of your outboard and it steers you back to square one. There is alot to consider when matching your propeller to your outboard, boat size is it aliminium or fibreglass, how mant people on board how much fuel you carry, maxium RPM, is stainless prop going to give me more power than a alloy prop and the list goes on.

Selecting the right propeller for your outboard

I have a Yamaha FT 60 BET outboard per the manual the outboard propeller size is 13 x 17  which is a 13 inch in diameter  and 17 inch pitch with the  full throttle operating range is 5000 and 6000 RPM . In reality my boat is setup with 13 x 15 which gives me 5500 RPM and shoots quite quick onto the plan. Choose a outboard propeller style and pitch which fall in the specified WOT (wide open throttle) speed range recommended for your engine and boat. If the engine speed  RPM is to high and restricted by the engine revolution limitation setting, try higher pitched propeller conversly. If the engines RPM is to low and will not reach the desired range, a lower pitched will be appropriate. The general rule is 1 inch in the change of the pitch will effect the engine speed at wide open throttle by 200 to 300 RPM.


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