One of the things I really like about fishing is that I’m always learning somthing new and better still applying this new knowledge to my next trip. Sometimes it pays dividends and sometimes its just a case of going back to the old drawing board again or just modyifying my approach slightly then putting into practice again.

One of the things I have learnt in my years of fishing is no secret to most of us, nor is it some you beaut technique that will have fish jumping at your feet.

We have all heard the saying; “a bit of local knowledge goes a long way”, a more truthful saying in fishing could not be said. But how do we get this knowledge and what it is it that we are actually looking for?

I remeber as a young bloke getting up at 3-4am on most Saturday mornings and motoring off up Pennant Hills Rd with my dad and his Quintrex Cruise About in tow behind the four wheeler heading for the Hawkesbury River in search of some monster of deep..

I love my dad he taught me lots but a consistant fisherman he definately wasn’t, in fact I can remember one dry spell that lasted a whole season… As a result his mates nicknamed his boat the SS Greengrass as it sat on the lawn for a while after this less than bountifull season but thats another story.

My dad was one of those old time drifters that believed if he covered enough fishing ground that he would eventually hook up and if the Lowrance paper sounder showed a promising spot then over it we would drift again and again and sometimes, “oh what the heck son lets do that drift again”.

I kinda don’t mind going out today and catching only a couple fish but honestly even in slim times I can usually locate something.

I think what makes a good fisherman is not the actual catch rate but consistency rate at which someone can locate and catch fish even when weather and tide has the odds stacked against them.

To be continued,


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