Rapala cd 11 mag

rapala cd 11 mag

Rapala lures cd 11 mag is one of the best lure I have come across, the rapala cd 11 Mag is wooden bodied lure and the vibration and movement and it’s reflection in the water is second to none.

I found since using the rapala cd 11 mag, I have caught a variety of fish from bonito,mac tuna, striped tuna salmon, king fish, tailor. I have even gone as far as catching Flathead when trolling this lure in a couple of metres of water where the Rapala cd 11 mag was actually hitting the sandy bottom.

You can cast the lure into schools of fish that are breaching the surface with great results. You will be surprised on how may fish are in the wash of the outboard as the wash resembles schools of bait fish hitting the surface

So when trolling lures don’t have them to far out the back of the boat keep them within the wash of your outboard at different distances and troll speed is about 10 to 12 kmĀ  for the best result trolling these lures. I like to use my barra rod when trolling with a 4500 overhead reel with 20lb braid with 30lb leader.

To me I have trolled for a number of years with this lure and used all soughts of colours, I truley believe that the red ans white rapala cd 11 mag is the best. On may occasions I have trolled two differn’t colours and the red and white rapala cd 11 mag always gets hit the most. As you can see in the video re and white gets flogged by the bonito and mac tuna. So I recommened that you try repala cd 11 mag out for youself and happy fishing.

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