Rock fishing for black drummer

Rock fishing for black drummer

Rock fishing for black drummer it pays to really check out what the ocean is doing is the tide coming in or going out. What is the forecast for the day as you don’t want get caught in a situation where you can pay with your life due fishing.

Where the water is smashing over the rock and could  easily sweep you in, you can quickly find yourself in a life threatening situation before you know it.

I have noticed people become complacent at times and concentrate more on their fishing than watching what the sea is doing. Even if the tide is running out and you fishing from the rocks near a bommie before you know it the swell has sucked back and smashed up onto the rocks.

There have been times where out of nowhere that huge wave has hit the rocks and people had to run up the ledge to save themselves and lost all their fishing gear.


Remember rock fishing for black drummer the ocean is a deadly force and it will chew you up and spit you out. I was reading the local paper today over the past three years 12 people have lost there life’s from rock fishing.

When rock fishing for black drummer I recommend that you buy the right equipment if you are fishing off the rocks where proper boots not gumboots light clothing and a life jacket as you can by the the vest type now. These life jackets are very light in weight as you don’t want to get swept off the rocks and you cant swim due to the excessive clothing that you have on.

Hopefully when rock fishing for black drummer you never get caught in the situation where you have been swept off the rocks. If this happens my advice is to swim out to sea and away from the rocks then swim to the beach.

black drummer profile

Also known as black rock fish or pigs they are a thick bodied fish with small heads black or slate in colour with thick paddle tail. They are found along the rocky shore lines from Queensland to Victoria coast, where the surge, soapy or white water is hitting the rocks.

Black drummer live under ledges in small caves around rocky head lands and inshore bombie. Legal size for black drummer is 30cm in NSW and a bag limit 10 per person, black drummer as juveniles they hang around in schools as they mature part of what they call a loose schools, they are a resident fish a very rarely move away from the area.

 feeding Habits

Black Drummer feed algae , cabbage weed, kelp small crab, squid, octopus sea urchins and cunjevoi.

best time to fish

when you are rock fishing for black drummer the best time to target this species is in the months of April through to August. They are most active in water temperature about 17-18 degrees. The best time to fish is about 1 and half hours before high tide. The ideal spot when fishing of the rocks is were there is plenty Of white water from the surge hitting the rocks.


Use old bread and chicken pellets and mixed it up in a bucket, when rock fishing for black drummer using the berlie throw about a hand full at a time. Throwing to much berlie you will end up attracting other species of unwanted fish, and it may also take the fish that are already there away from the spot you are fishing or filling the fish so they go off the bite.

Rod and reels

People have their own choice of combination of rod and reels that they use. What i believe to be a good outfit for rock fishing for black drummer is a 11 foot rod with a short strong butt that tapers up and bends from the butt instead of the tip the rod needs to be very stiff and light weight. The purpose of the short butt enables you to hold the rod firmly under your arm, along with a 6 inch alvey make a good combination.


Don’t muck around with light line, I recommend 30lb schnider mono there are some great quality line on the market, make sure when purchasing mono line that it has a smooth feel and is limp and just falls of the spool.


The best rig to use for rock fishing for black drummer a running ball sinker as small as you can pending on the wind and the swell, a size 1 ball sinker will do the trick. You don’t need a trace just run the sinker from the main line. The hooks are very important as these fish will straighten out a hook. I have had stainless hooks have snapped in half. I recommend mustard  542 viking double strength hooks does the job well in size 1 or 1/0 or mustard red tarpan in size 1.


There are a number of different baits you can use the best baits are bread, blue tail prawns and cunjevoi, the best pick is cunjie this can be found on low tide around rocky shorelines, cunjevoi is found in groups attached to the rock, you must remember the legal limit is 20 knobs per person.

rock fishing for black drummer

Cunji of the rocks










hook up

The pulling power of these fish is simply amazing thanks to their paddle tail and robust body. When rock fishing for black drummer to hook these fish will dive for cover back to their rocky caves or gutters. When hooked up this crucial time for the angler the first few seconds determine who is going to win the battle. As their name suggest pigs these fish go like the clappers and they fight very dirty trying to make it back for cover into caves or under ledges.

 after capture

Whilst rock fishing for black drummer after you catch a fish, place fish in a keepers net alive and place the net in a rock pool, or bleed and gut after capture as these fish eating habits can react with the eating quality of the fish.

cleaning of the fish

Simply fillet and skin the fish to reveal the pure white flesh.

rock fishing for black drummer is a ton of fun, it is amazing how much of a fight these fish have in them.


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