Sea Master M70 Marine Battery

SeaMaster M70

Sea Master M70 Marine Battery

This Sea Master M70 Marine Battery is a crank battery which means to start your outboard, I have had this battery in my boat since 2004 and I have just replaced it today 7/03/2014, and it was still starting my outboard. I had the battery checked it was at 60% , so I did not want to take the risk getting stuck out at sea.

The Sea master M70 Marine Battery lasted me 10 years out, which ran my GPS, fishfinder, marine radio, live bait tank and stereo. You can put 2 batteries in your boat 1 crank battery for starting and a deep cycle battery for running your accessories, I thought to myself why change things that work.

I recommmend the Sea Master M70 Marine Battery, It has never let me down in 10 years, as you know that your boat can be sitting in the driveway or garage for months on end, and i have never had to charge it, what else can you ask for.

The cost of this battery was $160 from Battery Alsorts at

8/281 Manns Rd
West Gosford NSW 2250


Sea Master M70 Marine Battery

This is a Low Maintenance marine battery with high starting power.

For normal marine use.

Full 18 Months* Warranty. High performance, heavy duty. EXG Technology.

Minimal maintenance required.

Wet-charged and ready for installation.

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