Snapper fishing in NZ


When my wife, my friend Ash and I were looking at organising a snapper fishing trip to Whyalla in South Australia we concluded the amount of money that it was going to cost us was about $3500 for a week which when I balanced it just wasn’t in the ball park.

When I broke it all down it was just way to much money considering we had to organise the charters, accommodation, food, transport and flights it was all to much hassle with the knowledge of experience telling me all this planning could still mean, you guessed it “no fish” sorry for coming son welcome to south Aus.

So we decide to look at going over seas to New Zealand we searched a lot of sites and there was nothing out there in cypher space that met our needs.  However we come across a website called we could not believe the packages they offered it just what we were looking for but could they almost gaurantee a fish.

You want a great holiday meet Paul Johnson

Snapper fishing in NZ

Paul Johnson

He is the contact in Australia for fishing in New Zealand he offers a complete package deals doesn’t matter what else you want to do outside fishing he will make happen.

Flights,Transfers,Insurances,Charters,Car hire and all Accommodation including a fridge and cupboard full of food, soft drink, beer and wine with lunch provided everyday whilst out fishing.

Nothing else to pay

Paul had us sold on the service that he was going to provide us, but we had to place the money in his bank account which as you can appreciate we did have reservation at first about placing money into someones account. We didn’t know and who lived on the opposite side of the Tasman Sea, never mind the gaurantee of catching fish what about the cash.

After I spoke with Paul regarding my concerns, my mind was at ease.  As promised by Paul, soon as the money went into his account I received a receipt via email then a couple days later he sent the travel arrangements flights, the ever important insurances & continuous updates via phone.

The list was exhaustive in what he had done to put our holiday package together. I can’t guarantee you fish but I can guarantee that Paul service is second to none.  First impressions are usally on the mark and when I first meet Paul.

I found him to be a very easy going Aussie bloke an ex police officer and happy to share some stories in his life as a policeman over a few beers totally top fella. Paul travels with you as a host to make sure that all needs are met for you to have a great holiday from picking up supplies to making sure that you are comfortable in every way.

I’m a fisho who has cleaned his fair share of fish in my time so when someone else organises my snapper all cleaned & garnished and ready cook on the BBQ with couple of cray fish to go along with it wow you just gotta be appreciative.

Thanks again Paul we’ll be back again soon and hope to hear that you all have experienced the same hospitality we did when you book with Paul as well.


We stayed at a place called Reefers in the little town called Kauotuna but they offer arrange of different accommodation

The boat

610 extreme centre console with 140 four stoke outboard all safety equipment on board plenty of room and rides very nice in the ocean & I didn’t even get my feet wet, and it is all part of the service.

Meet Dave (Mavis) Bryant

Snapper fishing in NZ

Dave (Mavis) Bryant

The skipper and guide for   has been fishing the waters of the Coromandel peninsula for over 30 years so he knows were the fish are. Dave ran the land base fishing safaris  in New Zealand which he guided well known people in the likes of David Hodge the barefoot fisherman & Mark Williams from fishing worldwide magazine.

The Coromandel Peninsula is surrounded by many groups island you have the Mercury, Ohinau, Coromandel & the Great Barrier islands just to name a few. Even if the fish weren’t home or if the weather is against you then the scenery makes up for it and is simply sensational. With rock formations that have been weathered over many years make for stunning views and great fishing.

In most weather conditions there is always fishing to be done wether it be rock, beach or deep sea fishing. On our trip we were battling 30 knot winds most days and had four season in 1 hour, it was unbelievable.

Dave Mavis Bryant is a man with a tremendous amount of fishing knowledge and passion  in how to catch big snapper, kingfish, Hapuku, Kahawai, Tuna, Mahi Mahi (dolphin fish) and Trevally. He is a very easy man to get to know and is very enthusiastic to pass on his knowledge and fishing technique to help you land a big fish.


Kim Bryant

Snapper fishing in NZ

Kim & Dave Bryant

 This lady looks after all your catering needs we were soon to discover what a sensational cook this lady is. She cooked a wide variety of cakes and lunches that were supplied on the boat it does not matter if you are fussy eater. Kim will cater for all your needs as they say (good food a full stomach makes a happy man.)




All up when you decide to chase good fish and want to outlay some hard earned cash then you can’t go wrong with these guys, we’re already planning our next trip, New Zealand.








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    thank you for sharing your NZ holiday ,It looks amazing and wow Sue you were fantastic bringing that monster in I was very impressed , great info on the package .

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