Soft plastics fishing

Soft plastics fishing

Soft plastics fishing for Flathead & Bream it is good to drift along banks on a in coming & out going tide where the sand meets the weeded areas as flathead are ambush predators. Which will lie in wait facing the tide in the deeper water waiting for prawns, bait fish to be come off the sand bank into deeper water or traveling within the channel.

When soft plastic fishing for bream they are found on sand meeting weeded area around rocky areas bridges pylons, jetties visible structures and oyster beds however they do also hide & ambush their prey at times. Mostly though they are like the seagulls of the eastury and spend most of their time scavenging around the sand and weeded areas to feed.

It is handy to have a electric motor as you approach these areas you want to fish and cut the outboard well before your intended zone and then with the electric motor enter the area where you are going to cast your soft plastics.

Rods & reels

Soft plastics fishing I use a 1.8 metre 2-4kg spinning rod with a 2000 spinning reel 8lb braid with a leader straight to the braid tie your jig head straight to the leader rod must be able to cast good distances with light weight. Jig head weight people have their preference from 1/16 to 1/4 pending on the tide as you have to get near the bottom, soft plastics 3inch banana, disco prawn lime tiger, camo & punkin seed paddle tails.

Soft plastic fishing technique

When soft plastic fishing on a slight drift cast into the area you want to fish let the plastic sink to the bottom slowly wind with a flicking motion then allow the plastic to sink back to the bottom, cast into all different area around the boat for the best outcome to hook up, Soft plastics fishing with light gear is does not get any better.

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