Spinning for surface fish with metal lures

Spinning for suface fish with metal lures

Rod and reels

Medium to heavy 6ft 6-10 kg spinning rod with 2400 spinning reel

Light weight 7  foot 2-4 kg  spinning rod with a 2000 spinning reel

Heavy 8 foot 8- 12 kg spinning  rod with 8000 spinning reel

These selection of rods and reels all make good combinations in my eyes as you need to remember when the fish are on the surface they are feeding and you don’t know what other species are there

Metal lures

I always carry and use a variety of different spinning lures 25,40 gram From Sure Catch lures to Halco and Halco twist

A favorite of mine is a halco or halco twist in either silver or gold

Depending on what the fish are feeding on is which lure they will take

Setting your rod

Setting up a rod for spinning I make sure that the leader wraps once around the spool tied with a double uni knot. With some lures that you buy they don’t come with a split ring attached, I add a split ring to the lures along with a small swivel and I tie the lure on using perfection knot the reason i add the swivel to the lure as i don’t use a trace, or you can have a trace running from your main line with a swivel both work well.

Hook up and technique

Spinning for surface fish with metal lures, it is very important when you hook up to keep tension on your rod at all times and don’t give them any slack line, set your drag to allow the fish to run. I find them to be clean fighters but if you give then a inch they will spit your lure, also after every hit that has occurred make sure that you check your line for any weak spots and always check the the lures trebles if they are bent.

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